Carefree and Happy

May 2020 be like this 🙂 #HappyNewYear #Staycontented #PraiseGod

Timothy Today

 On December 8th,  Timothy turned two years and seven months old.

When he is finished eating or doesn’t want anymore he gets up from his little green chair and table, carefully walks over to the counter to put his plate of left overs just like I taught him. He does it without being told or asked or reminded. That good practice makes my heart glad!

Today marks the third day that Timothy has consecutively peed in his potty.

I leave him without pull ups during the morning and afternoon. He has a few false alarms where he says the pee pee is coming, the pee pee is coming and runs to the potty. Today he managed to pull down his underpants all by himself and just sit there. I heard him calling the pee pee–

“Come on pee pee come out” and I just laughed quietly.

He pulled up his underwear, grabbed the purple eraser (he randomly becomes attached to certain toys and other objects) and told me that nothing came out. We sighed and hugged then off he went to play.

Each false alarm is alarming but so worth it to help him practice.

I am amazed as to much much he understands, repeats and pretends. His imagination is developing and includes lots of pretend plays.

Lately, Timothy likes to pretend that he is a waiter or perhaps a food truck owner and chef.

With block in hand as his notepad, he asks, “do you want fries with your order?”

If I say no I want broccoli or sweet potato fries, he promptly tells me that he doesnt have that.

Or he may put some small toys on a book or his friskby and serve me some cake.

We use my Grenada souvenir deck of cards to play sometimes. We match colors, shapes and numbers. Of course he does it in his own way but he always gets the colors correct. We celebrate with loud cheers and high fives when he matches the cards correctly. It has become one of his favorite games to play with me and his dad.

Another one of his toddler habits is talking to himself. Timothy has dialogues- with himself. He even changes the tone of his voice at times. I have wondered if perhaps I should be concerned but I decided to let it be.

Potty Accident Lesson

Or rather “Peepee” accident lessons

Oh no! mommy I peepee in the kitchen. The pee pee is coming-the peepee is coming…

It was an urgent cry in his Caillou sounding 2 and a half year old voice.

Mommy come come

I arrived to find him standing squirmish on his chair. The small puddle of urine was on the floor between the chair and his little table.

I removed his Fruit of the Loom toddler undies and then wiped him. As I was wiping the floor he continued explaining,

Mommy you remember I peepeed in the potty? I pee pee in the potty for two years. Now I pee pee on the floor. I pee pee in the potty…

I reminded him that accidents happen and how proud I am of him.

The Lesson here is don’t dwell on the mistake. Acknowledge that it happened. Remind self of the times that it was done correctly or that it can be done better. And Move on.

To Timothy, he has been peeing in the right place for two years! His entire life! Ha-ha! Of course to a child, yesterday or last night and last month in time are jumbled. The fact is that he has been using the potty for five days in a row now.

This afternoon I allowed him to take a nap without wearing pull-ups. I  calculated the risk of a possible potty accident on his plastic covered mattress under the blue cotton sheets. About two hours later, he woke up and ran out to meet me. I asked if he had a good nap and he said yes. He asked about his missing sock. I asked if he wanted to use the potty and he said yes as though suddenly he remembered that he wanted to pee. We sprinted to his potty and after about 30 seconds, the urine trickled out. Yes! Top potty success yet! We celebrated even more than we normally do. Thank you Jesus.

This afternoon’s accident will neither dampen our spirits nor count as regression. Timothy is a potty champion! My prayer is that he will start 2020 fully potty trained. Until then, we rejoice over his daily progress and accidents. 🙂

Dear Timothy (One Month old)

You are now a month old. It is a big deal to me and extra special since Grandma T is still here with us. To celebrate, I had the grand idea to take family portraits at the mall. We wore matching blue and white outfits. Here was my journal entry with a few pictures.

Timothy is One Month Old and I used the white bow from the picture frame given by the Pryors jr (Marcus and Toya) for baby’s first 12 months pictures to tie around my hair.
Deon asked if we wanna take pics at home or out? I said yes lets go to the mall! A break for me and mommy from being inside all the time with sweet sweet. But we were late. JC Penny portrait guy rudely said its almost 7 and it takes him 5 min to set up. We made the best of shades of blue pics. Thank you God for 1 month. 
So my son, we did not get professional pictures taken that day. We simply used our phones and posed with you sleeping in the stroller near the Cookie Palace store at Barton Creek Mall. And it was beautiful.
Lesson here is to make the most of every moment even when things do not turn out as planned. Smile Jesus loves you.

A Child’s Love





Yesterday morning I helped the chinstraps class. A blond girl gave me her coloring of a princess. She says it is for me. I said thank you so much and to put her name on it so that I will know its from her. She also said that she likes my hair and noticed that my son has the same hair.

I put her coloring in her folder as with the rest of the class.

Later that morning in the Gym play time, I playfully kicked a ball and it hit the same sweet blond 4 year old on her nose. 😥😱😱 I was mortified! She did not cry but looked shocked and hurt. I ran to her. Hugged her and apologized. I got her an ice pack and notified the other teachers of the unfortunate accident. We were both sad.

The afternoon came and I had to say goodbye to her class to go next door. Later that evening before she was taken downstairs to the closing room, her teacher emptied the folders. She ran back to give me the coloring she earlier stated was for me. It was for me! I smiled. It warmed my heart.

I hurt her nose. She had already decided to give me the picture. She did not fret or change her mind because of the day she or we had. What an example of love. Only this morning as I read my devotion on love that I remember the kindness of that long haired, blond little girl. May I love like her.  May we all love like children. Prayer, dear Jesus may we learn to live and love like children. Amen.

Originally written,

Wednesday August 28th 2019.

Art at school

Here we have a happy toddler, officially two years young, painting at Day School.

Timothy enjoys painting. I suppose most children do for the free hand strokes or touching and seeing the bright colors – exciting and new wonders. It is great sensory and motor skills development for little humans.

I put him in his bath tub for paint play when he was a baby and an infant. Ooo, such messy fun to create and learn. I enjoyed watching him look at the colors and squirm his chubby face at the slimy paint between his tiny fingers. I despised the mess but proudly displayed my baby’s artwork in our living room in the apartment.

I also noticed then as in this picture that Timothy uses his left hand to hold the brushes or to scribble and draw. My maternal grandfather, Peter Belfon, was a lefty. Both Deon and I are right handers. I would be delighted to have Timothy be a lefthanded boy. An ambidextrous child would be even cooler.

Here is the finished project that his teachers had him painting umbrellas earlier. Spring showers! G

New adventure at school

I forgot that I had my resume on so when I got an email about from Immanuel Lutheran Day school reaching out to me about a teaching job, I was delightfully surprised. I was also grateful to be contacted with a job offer since some days have been extra challenging with Timothy. I still have ideas of what to do with him but fall short on execution. We have been consistent with baby sign language but our outdoor activities have suffered because we were sick and the uncertain Texas weather changes doesn’t help. Our recent play dates have been cancelled so it has been just the two of us. Sometimes I believe he is as annoyed with me as I am with him. Lately, he goes to his room and tells me to close to door or he will say no thank you to everything I suggest. Yes, my baby is almost two! Very vocal and becoming even more independent and wayward. On one hand, I am so excited about his new chapter and growth but on the other hand, it scares me. Am I teaching him enough? Am I exposing him to enough? Am I enough? What am I doing now going on two years at home with him and going on 3 years unemployed? My prayer is for wisdom, love and income earning flexibility. Secretly, I also want to be out of the house for a while. I want Timothy to be taken care of by someone else regularly but within my reach. I can teach at the school and hallelujah he is automatically accepted as a student at 50% off the monthly tuition. Yep. Go ahead and join me in my hallelujah dance. In one week- interview last Tuesday to fingerprint on Thursday- to starting to work and attend school today, Tuesday April 2nd- what a change for the both of us.

No longer a stay at home mom status. And no longer lonesome child in mommy’s sole care. No more waking up anytime and eating anytime and napping anytime or watching tv anytime. That is scary. It is tiring and even sad might I add. I prepared everything. Daddy Deon gave us a prayer and $10. Off we went to another city, 20 minutes drive for our new adventure. We were greeted with warm smiles and oohs and awws over how cute Timothy is. I wore my blue mama bird sweater top and dressed Timothy in blue long sleeve shirt with the grapic words Mom is Awe- Some on the front. The teachers and director love his braids and shirt. He backed away from their initial greeting saying no thank you- yes they were also impressed with his manners. Ms Claudia, the director offered her hand for a high five and Timothy came back smiling. He returned the gesture. A great start. My day began with training. He went off to his Starish class joining other 1 plus year olds and did not even cry for his mama bird. Wow. Just like that my sweetsweet is in school. Among children his age. Someone else has to change his diaper, feed him, teach him, play with him and help him be the best boy he can be. I walked the aisle and prayed. I will pray for the teachers and all child care folks. Parents entrust their children everyday to strangers and leave for work. The teachers are paid a little above minimum wage but doing work that is much more important than the President of a country or Ceo. I would love to see a change to that…well one step at a time. Thank you Lord for today and all the new beginnings.

My mom seemed to breathe a sigh of relief– her oldest and most ambitious hard working daughter ( the most studious school loving child) is doing something with her life again. 😅 Oh I can go on and on about how it is to go from employed to staying at home…how you view yourself and how society labels you and how your spouse treats you…but this entry to to breathe and take in our new adventure with a hopeful and open heart that the best is still yet to come for momeeTamee and sweetsweet.