Learning to live the life We have chosen. — (message from my husband)

Theme: Learning to live the life we have chosen. Text: Galatians 2:20 NASB I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and […]

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Bee You

I just watched the Bee Movie that was released in 2007. Yes I am late. And no I do not watch children movies now that I am a mother, I love humorous animation that usually happen to be family friendly funny movies. My son, now 19 months old, was toddling around. He sat  with me for a few minutes.

As I watched and laughed, I could not help but think about how informative and playful the movie is. It teaches children about how important the bees are. Another lesson I gathered was to BE YOURSELF and do what you were created to do. I have thought about writing a children’s book about some animals who wanted to be something other that what God created them to be. When we are not doing our life’s purpose, it makes us miserable, out-of-place and although we may be comfortable for a while, eventually the despair of just living a mediocre life kicks in. To add to the misery, things and people around us are also negatively affected.

When the Bees won the case and stopped the honey production, flowers died and the bees were lifeless and lost. Should this happen in real life, humans will definitely not have a sweet life, meaning, no food leading to death.

Lastly I thought, what about me…am I doing all that God created me to do? Imagine how sweet life would be for my husband and son, my extended family, my church, my neighbors…my world. I am a world changer (last prophecy I received) but I have looked at it in a global sense. Maybe I will do something ‘BIG’. The Bee Movie help to change my perspective. I will work more on BEEing Me. You should too :-). Good changes will buzz.

Thankful Tuesday! I am grateful for

Life. And the  courage to live life.
For Min Virginia calling to check on me, reminding  me not give up on my dreams and to chip at them piece by piece. She urged me to take advantage of mommy day out child care and government grants to complete my education degree. I am grateful for her.
For Timothy and his risk taking age. At 16 months old now he climbs the couch. He stands on his little yellow chair and he blows bubbles in the tub during bath time. Ooh it scares me when he does the latter . I watch him as he plays with two rubber ducks then suddenly he bends forward, blowing bubbles and giggling at his new-found fun play. The news headline – drowning baby -flashed across my mind and I sternly say, “Stop sweet sweet. No no no. Not okay.”

Haha off course he tries to do it again. On one hand, I do not want my fear to prevent him from exploring and having fun. On the other hand, I must discourage unsafe games.

I am grateful to even have the opportunity to make decisions like these on a daily basis. It serves as a reminder that I am blessed to be a mom to a healthy baby boy. I am blessed to be at home with him instead of somewhere wondering if he is learning, playing and most importantly, safe!

What are you grateful for?

Bruised by the bib.

Have you ever been attacked by a bib?Yes, a baby’s bib.
I scratched my left knee while attempting to lie down on the couch. The culprit? The Velcro of my son’s bib. It was not fastened (or in its rightful place around his neck).

Did I see it? Maybe? The pale yellow side with the words Born to be Loved was faced down. I was tired and just wanted to lie down for a few minutes so I did not bother moving it.

My knee burned! No, more of a sudden sting. I winced and grabbed the bib and threw it across the couch. I just sat there a while looking at my bruised knee. No blood. Good. I took a  picture with my phone for a closer look. It was red and the prickly Velcro lines left long scratched across my knee.  Timothy paused to look at me then hurried off to find his Elmo or some other toy.

I finally got up and cleaned my boo boo   with hydrogen peroxide and applied baby aquaphor ointment. Being the big baby I am, I messaged my mom and then my best friend. My mom sent a tender kiss. Cheoma laughed. Hahah. My mom showed my sister and she laughed too.


Sometimes I do miss being 25 and living alone. No blocks to step on. No diapers to change. No husband to pick up after. No messy living room. No BIB to bruise my knee!

Now I can join in the laughter. I am pretty sure that other parents had accidental moments with bibs or just Velcro on their babies outfits. Perhaps it’s just me… however I am grateful. I am very grateful that strange words did not come out of my mouth! Grateful it was me and not my sweet Timothy being attacked by a sneaky, thorny Velcro.

The Lesson here for new parents is to only buy bibs with buttons and snap on fasteners😊 Yes and off course, once baby removes his bib, put it away.

Also, laugh at yourself. It is really not that serious. Parenting can sting sometimes, especially for selfish individuals  (I am delivered…almost) but know that it is also satisfying.


T -is for talented.

Too young to notice you say. I beg to differ. My baby is a talented musician, comedic mischief and great story-teller. He finds joy in reading to me and Elmo😁 I get joy from listening.

I- is for increasingly incredible.

Everyday he learns new things and every night he recites what he learns. He practices saying and signing the word MORE. He clasps his tiny hands to pray. What really is incredible is his God-given ability to retain what he learns.

M- is for mine. Or mini Me.

God chose to give this miracle to me at a time when I was moving into a different season in life. At a time when I was learning more about being an entrepreneur instead of employee. He is mines! I got to be a part of the miracle. He is also mini me more in personality than in looks …for now… I cherish him.

O -is for ONE. Haha he is one year and 3 months old now. Doing what most one year olds do except he is an outstanding baby.  How So? Everywhere we go, we are told how good, quiet, well-behaved and tolerant he is. He is not an always smiling, bubbly baby but he is a charm. How many babies do you know will pick up a red fake nail off the floor and bring it to their mommy instead of curiously trying to eat it?? That, to me is quite outstanding!😉💅👏👏👌

T- is for tolerant.

Pastor Renfro was the first person to say that to me. We speak that over his life that Timothy with be tolerable. Not conforming or timid. Not fussy and uncontrollable. He is peaceful and easy-going but strong and powerful. Like his daddy 😊

H is for helpful.

He helps me put the clothes into the dryer. He cries to put his own dirty diaper in his diaper pail. (Off course he makes a mess! He is One) he helps me become more self less.

Y is for yo-yo😂😁😁😂 (yo I need to learn more descriptive words that start with the letter Y)

Y is what I ask God when it was confirmed that I am with child November 2016. Why now? Why when I am not fully mature in being a successful career woman and willing wife? Why when I have not completed my college degree and we don’t have a house ? Why when my credit sucks? Why give me the discomfort and stretch marks? Oh I can go on and on with the whys!

Y because His Yoke is easy and I am still Young. Y because it was what my husband Yearned.

TIMOTHY is God-given in God’s timing to be a blessing to me and everyone 🤗

Grateful, despite a minor bump.

I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be a mom. I am happy that my son, Timothy and I are safe and sound after being in an accident this morning.

We were returning home from a short library trip. It had just started raining when I entered our neighborhood. I signaled to turn but had to wait for a bus to move, then bang! I check my review mirror and I see the red truck attached to the car’s bumper. Yikes! Ouch! I screamed and checked to see if Timothy was alright. We pulled into my apartment complex entrance and the other driver came out. Duncan apologized and we took pictures and he texted me pictures of his license and insurance. I got just a very tiny dent on my bumper and his Toyota was okay.

Thank you Jesus all is well. I am grateful knowing it could have been so much worse. It was scary and Duncan seemed more shaken up than I was. Maybe we can get his employee’s discount at the Cheese Cake Factory :-). I prayed that God bless and keep him and thank God that we are all fine…it seems.

I sent a picture of car to my husband to see if he would notice the bumper dent. He did not. I explained that we had a minor accident and that all is well. We will discuss more once he is home from work.