Easter 2019

A picture is worth so many words…Three words to summarize the story here are; Happy, Carefree and Comfy. Not how I planned to have our photo session look for Easter or in the early timing in order to post the photos with Easter cards but Hallelujah anyhow. I learn to put some bling on, heels on sometimes (even if it is just for a pic) and Smile big! Not everything down to the tiny details will go the way I envision all the time. God is in control. So glad that the JCpenny camera man was friendly and understanding with playful Timothy. Our Groupon session with free canvas was well worth it.
Timothy’s second Easter started with the Easter story lesson at Day School. He knows that Jesus lived, died on a cross, was buried in a tomb and rose again 3 days later. He also enjoyed Easter egg hunting for the first time at school. He even gave some eggs to his classmates. He hunted again at church and was blue cute suit ready for Sunday morning. Happy Easter everyone. Jesus is why we remain hopeful and joyful. Jesus is risen and lives today!

Baby hair, don’t care.

Timothy’s Hair was straight as needles when he was born. It surprised me how black and straight it was. I would give him a side part and just brush it. He was my preppy, dougla baby boy.

By the time he was about 3 months old, the hair towards the back of his head started curling. It would become even curlier when wet. That represented the first sign of him no longer having my dougla or creole like fine, straight hair. It was turning into his fathers full, thick black hair.

What would I have done if he was a girl? Brush, comb and add pretty bows and headbands. I even pictured cute turbans with matching dresses…but for my son, I opted to putting loose braids and twists.

He hated getting his hair combed and twisted. By the time he was 9 months old, our weekly wash and comb regimen still seemed tortuous for Timothy. He would start crying even when his hair was touched. I was careful not to twist or plat (as we say in Grenada) it too tightly but he still cried. When I tried doing it as he slept, he would eventually get up whimpering.

I pressed through the tears, singing and talking to him. I would sit him in front of the mirror and also let him watch him comb my hair. Now at 22 months, Timothy rarely cries while I plat his thick, black hair. I have cut it about 3 times, mostly removing the top. I gave him a lollipop once which helped keep him still and quiet.

I do not feel obligated to comb his hair as long as it is clean. Some days we afro it out. Other times, I do what we call granny plats or I put his hair in small rubberband pom poms.

From straight and manageable to course and thick, Timothy’s hair change represents what it is like from newborn to infant then toddlerhood.


Giving Lessons

Giving lessons for my 15 month old baby boy 🙂

I gave Timothy an HEB buddy buck during offering time on Wednesday night (September 5th 2018) at our evening service. When he realized that the offering basket passed by, he went to find the usher. Our Pastor noticed and called him to add his buddy buck to the offering basket. And he did!! My son cheerfully gave his buddy buck.




I am so grateful that Pastor was willing to go along with the offering lesson. Cheerful givers get rewards …After Service was over, Pastor gave Timothy even more bucks.




In the words of our wise pastor, “if he learns the principal behind giving, he will never have a need that God will not meet.” I agree totally and will continue teaching him to give!

parenting a toddler

Dresser accident

Life is a blessing.

Easy to say when things are good and rosey. It’s a quote used by many to express gratitude. Life is a blessing. And that’s a fact!

I believe that blessings come from God. I believe in His goodness and protection. On Sunday afternoon, this became ever so true to me again after my son had an accident in his room.

We had Sunday school at home. I have been reading and teaching him to recite Psalm 23 verse 1. He is starting to say it. Hallelujah. I offered him a snack then went to use the bathroom. When I went to check on him, he was asleep in his highchair. Nap time. I took him into his room and put him on his bed.

I started cooking veggie soup; I chopped veggies and used the disposal to get rid of the waste. It was loud. I also had Dr.Bill Winston Faith conference on the tv and it was around the praise singing time. I checked on Timothy after I heard him talking about 15 minutes earlier. I told him that it was nap time and left him on his bed. After the potatoes and corn were boiling, I went to check to see if he had fallen asleep since he was quiet.

Nothing prepared me for what I saw. I opened the door quietly and there he was on his bed, sitting looking at me. In his hand was a small shoe ornament that was given to him as a Christmas gift in 2017 by Pastor Austin and his wife Rhonda. The tiny shoe was white with ‘Jesus Loves You’ written in blue. Timothy was calm. The dresser on the floor in front of him seem to be no surprise to him.

How did this happen? Was he pulling the drawers as usual causing it to fall? Was he crushed but crawled out? Did he scream and I did not hear him?

My mind did not move as fast as my hands and feet to step over the dresser and items including spilled water from his humidifier on the floor, picking him up and checking his body.

Thank you Jesus. Timothy was unharmed. Then I noticed small puncture on his forehead. By then I messaged my mom and his dad while holding him. GrandmaT said to use warm cloth to clean then apply ointment. He was okay and back to his busy toddler self when I left him to look for the Neosporin.

Hallelujah. Angels watching over my son! Thank you Jesus!

We know that we are supposed to nail the dresser to the wall. We got it since before his birth while we were living in an apartment. After noving to the house, I checked it and reminded my husband to secure it. We pulled and tried to tip it but it seemed sturdy; again securing it was put off. I did not nag my husband about it or tried putting it myself.

That was a Bad decision! We failed as parents to follow all the instructions and to use the secure screw that came with tje Walmart dresser.

I pictured the worse and bleseed God for his grace. Deon secured the dresser to the wall and I continue to apply Neosporin to his head. Timothy is fine and his wound is already healing.

I am glad that he was not crushed by the dresser. I am grateful that we found the security screw and secured the dresser to the wall. I am grateful to be alobe amd to tell other parents to be warned. Life is a blessing to be cherished and taken seriously especially when you have dependants.

#Godislove #Angelsprotect


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Bee You

I just watched the Bee Movie that was released in 2007. Yes I am late. And no I do not watch children movies now that I am a mother, I love humorous animation that usually happen to be family friendly funny movies. My son, now 19 months old, was toddling around. He sat  with me for a few minutes.

As I watched and laughed, I could not help but think about how informative and playful the movie is. It teaches children about how important the bees are. Another lesson I gathered was to BE YOURSELF and do what you were created to do. I have thought about writing a children’s book about some animals who wanted to be something other that what God created them to be. When we are not doing our life’s purpose, it makes us miserable, out-of-place and although we may be comfortable for a while, eventually the despair of just living a mediocre life kicks in. To add to the misery, things and people around us are also negatively affected.

When the Bees won the case and stopped the honey production, flowers died and the bees were lifeless and lost. Should this happen in real life, humans will definitely not have a sweet life, meaning, no food leading to death.

Lastly I thought, what about me…am I doing all that God created me to do? Imagine how sweet life would be for my husband and son, my extended family, my church, my neighbors…my world. I am a world changer (last prophecy I received) but I have looked at it in a global sense. Maybe I will do something ‘BIG’. The Bee Movie help to change my perspective. I will work more on BEEing Me. You should too :-). Good changes will buzz.


Thankful Tuesday! I am grateful for

Life. And the  courage to live life.
For Min Virginia calling to check on me, reminding  me not give up on my dreams and to chip at them piece by piece. She urged me to take advantage of mommy day out child care and government grants to complete my education degree. I am grateful for her.
For Timothy and his risk taking age. At 16 months old now he climbs the couch. He stands on his little yellow chair and he blows bubbles in the tub during bath time. Ooh it scares me when he does the latter . I watch him as he plays with two rubber ducks then suddenly he bends forward, blowing bubbles and giggling at his new-found fun play. The news headline – drowning baby -flashed across my mind and I sternly say, “Stop sweet sweet. No no no. Not okay.”

Haha off course he tries to do it again. On one hand, I do not want my fear to prevent him from exploring and having fun. On the other hand, I must discourage unsafe games.

I am grateful to even have the opportunity to make decisions like these on a daily basis. It serves as a reminder that I am blessed to be a mom to a healthy baby boy. I am blessed to be at home with him instead of somewhere wondering if he is learning, playing and most importantly, safe!

What are you grateful for?