Bee You

I just watched the Bee Movie that was released in 2007. Yes I am late. And no I do not watch children movies now that I am a mother, I love humorous animation that usually happen to be family friendly funny movies. My son, now 19 months old, was toddling around. He sat  with me for a few minutes.

As I watched and laughed, I could not help but think about how informative and playful the movie is. It teaches children about how important the bees are. Another lesson I gathered was to BE YOURSELF and do what you were created to do. I have thought about writing a children’s book about some animals who wanted to be something other that what God created them to be. When we are not doing our life’s purpose, it makes us miserable, out-of-place and although we may be comfortable for a while, eventually the despair of just living a mediocre life kicks in. To add to the misery, things and people around us are also negatively affected.

When the Bees won the case and stopped the honey production, flowers died and the bees were lifeless and lost. Should this happen in real life, humans will definitely not have a sweet life, meaning, no food leading to death.

Lastly I thought, what about me…am I doing all that God created me to do? Imagine how sweet life would be for my husband and son, my extended family, my church, my neighbors…my world. I am a world changer (last prophecy I received) but I have looked at it in a global sense. Maybe I will do something ‘BIG’. The Bee Movie help to change my perspective. I will work more on BEEing Me. You should too :-). Good changes will buzz.